The LUEE machines lab circa 1960 --it's a bit more modern now!

You may download copies of the LabVolt labs using the links below, they have been scanned from the lab manual. If you are unsure which labs to download, consult your instructor. Each file is a scanned page, with the filename indicating the LUEE lab number, the LabVolt experiment number and the page number.

Lab 1 files -- Three-Phase Circuits

Lab 2 files -- Single Phase Transformer

Lab 3 files -- Autotransformer & Distribution Transformer

Lab 4 files -- Three Phase Transformer Connections

Lab 5 files -- DC Shunt, Series & Compound Motors

Lab 6 files -- DC Seperately & Self-Excited Shunt Generators

Lab 7 files -- Universal Motor

Lab 8 files -- Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

Lab 9 files -- Synchronous Motor

Lab 10 files -- Three Phase Alternator